Welcome to Saydak!



Saydak is a groundbreaking mobile application that directly connects fishermen with customers, revolutionizing the seafood industry. By eliminating intermediaries and facilitating seamless, transparent communication, Saydak empowers both local fishermen and seafood enthusiasts.
Through an intuitive platform, Saydak empowers fishermen to showcase their catches, while allowing seafood enthusiasts to enjoy a diverse selection of flavorful sea treats. Experience the essence of Saydak as you explore a world of passionately sourced seafood, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.



“Our mission at Saydak is to empower fishermen and delight seafood lovers by providing a revolutionary platform that eliminates intermediaries and redefines the seafood supply chain. We are committed to curating the freshest catches with passion and integrity, while ensuring fair pricing and direct communication. Through our user-friendly application, we strive to enhance livelihoods, promote sustainable fishing practices, while bringing the unparalleled joy of freshly caught seafood, from sea to doorstep.”



“At Saydak, we envision a world where the journey from sea to table is transformed into a seamless and empowering experience. Our vision is to lead the seafood industry by connecting local fishermen and seafood enthusiasts through an innovative mobile platform, fostering sustainability, transparency, and community, in alignment with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.”