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bring the freshest seafood directly to your table by connecting fishermen and customers seamlessly, transparently, and efficiently. Saydak guarantees quality, freshness, and fair pricing for all parties involved by eliminating intermediaries and fostering direct communication.

Saydak provides an easy-to-use platform that empowers fishermen while providing seafood lovers access to the finest catch. Embrace the Saydak experience and discover the world of freshly caught seafood, curated passionately and delivered right to your doorstep.






To provide a convenient platform for fishermen to sell their catch and customers to buy fresh, sustainable seafood. We are committed to promoting sustainable fishing practices and educating our customers on the impact of their choices on the environment. We strive to create a transparent and fair marketplace that benefits both fishermen and customers alike.

Our goal is to revolutionize the fishing industry in Saudi Arabia by providing a technology-driven solution that connects fishermen directly with customers, eliminates the middleman, and ensures the freshness and quality of the fish.

We believe that by promoting sustainable fishing practices, we can preserve our marine resources and ensure their availability for generations to come.







At Saydak, our vision is to revolutionize the fishing industry by connecting fishermen and customers through a seamless, transparent, and sustainable platform. We strive to empower local fishing communities while providing consumers with fresh, responsibly-sourced seafood.

By fostering a global network of conscientious fishermen and engaged customers, we aim to promote sustainable fishing practices, enhance the livelihoods of fishing communities, and create a better future for our oceans and marine life.